Texas Parents Angered by Fourth-Graders' Bizarre Adult-Themed Homework

The parents of El Paso elementary schoolers are still trying to figure out why their kids got a strange take-home assignment that involved reading several bleak passages in which a child possibly gets abused, a wife discovers her husband is cheating, and a mother learns of her son's death at war. » 4/17/14 2:07pm Thursday 2:07pm

U.S., Russia Reach a Tentative Deal to Calm Tensions Over Ukraine

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met and agreed on a plan this afternoon that aims at de-escalating the rising war of words over Ukraine, backing off of military options, and letting the nation determine its own destiny. » 4/17/14 1:19pm Thursday 1:19pm

New Crazy Conspiracy: Obama Is Taking Away Your Helicopter Defenses!

They've shoved health care down your throat, and they've tried to take your cows' freedom of movement away. What will Hussein Obummer and his commissars do next? He'll seize your state's attack choppers and leave you at the mercy of martial law, that's what. Wake up, sheeple! » 4/15/14 3:00pm Tuesday 3:00pm

The pig-castrating lady who wants to be Iowa's next U.S. senator says she missed 117 votes in the state Legislature because she was on duty as a National Guard officer. Except a local paper notes that's impossible. "I don't know what the actual count is," she says. Guard weekends are kinda like hog nuts that way. » 4/15/14 11:29am Tuesday 11:29am